EGL bodies

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 EGL's bodies are:

  • The General Assembly;
  • The Institutional Meeting of Experts;
  • The board of Account auditors
  • The Managing Committee.

1. General Assembly

The General Assembly of the EGL is composed of three Ministers in charge of energy sector in the three member states of CEPGL (BURUNDI, RWANDA, and RD C). The General Assembly meets in regular and extraordinary sessions. This is done in accordance with its rules of procedure, which determines the modalities of operation.

2. Institutional Meeting of Experts

This body is composed of experts and representatives of EGL from three member states of CEPGL selected from the staff of the National Electricity Companies and the Central Administration of the Ministries in charge of energy sector. Each member state is represented by three representatives.

3. Board of Statutory Auditors

Three in number and of different nationalities, the auditors are appointed by the General Meeting for a renewable term of two years. They check the books, controlling the regularity and sincerity of the Organization's accounts and report to the General Assembly.

4. Managing Committee

The daily management of the organization is assumed by a Managing Committee composed by Director General (DRC), the Director of Energy (Rwanda) and the CFO (Burundi).

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