Historical background

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 From 13 to 15 January 1970             

A meeting in Brussels brought together technicians in energy sector from three countries: Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda. This meeting was concluded by the signing of a protocol on the establishment of a company responsible for the production of electrical energy in the Great Lakes region.                      

 July 15th, 1970           

In Brussels a Memorandum of Understanding the cooperation in energy sector was signed by the Ambassadors of Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda.

August 20th, 1974

Creation of a non-profit association for the Study of the Electrification of the Great Lakes Region, named as EGL association. The activities of this association will commence in 1976.

September 20th, 1976

Creation of the Economic Community of Great Lakes Countries (CEPGL).

September 10th, 1978

Integration of EGL within the Economic Community of Great Lakes countries.

September 9th, 1979

EGL is was named “special organization of CEPGL  for Energy of the Great Lakes countries , named  EGL in acronym and its activities are extended to the entire energy sector.

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