Mission and Objectives

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EGL's mission is to ensure the cooperation between the Member States of the CEPGL in the energy sector based on the following strategic areas:

  • Regional planning in the energy sector and analysis of energy policies of each member state  for the development of common policies on exploitation of energy resources;

  • Design and monitoring of the implementation of Community projects in the energy sector

  • Training, information and dissemination in order to strengthen national capacities in planning, understanding of energy policies and  projects management.

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Since the recovery operations in July 2007, the priority program of the EGL focuses on the following points:

  • Updating the  Regional Master Plan for Energy Development

  • Constructing  hydro power plants Ruzizi Ruzizi III and IV

  • Conducting technical and organizational studies on energy cooperation in the Great Lakes region

  • Strengthening of Community Energy Data Bank

  • Decentralized electrification by micro hydro, solar, wind, geothermal etc.

  • Diagnosing  the energy sector in the three countries of the CEPGL

  • Promoting projects on renewable energy

  • Identifying  projects to exploit peat especially in eastern DR Congo

  • Promoting the use of Kalemie mineral coal heavy industries of the CEPGL

  • Developing and Monitoring for the  control and energy conservation programs

  • Establishing  a Wood Energy Network to improve the planning of wood energy consumption 

  • Promoting research and development of alternatives to firewood and charcoal

  • Capacity building in the planning of the energy sector

  • Mobilizing financial resources to achieve the Ruzizi III hydropower plants and Ruzizi IV


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