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Ruzizi III
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Actualités Energétiques dans la région des Grands Lacs
Held at Goma on october 27th,2017

220 KV distribution substations, the regional dispatching Kamanyola and coordination center of the waterfall of Ruzizi.

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On funding from the European Union under the 10th EDF, the Consultant Studio Pietrangeli (Italy) has developed since July 2012 feasibility studies, detailed design and drafting of documents.  This was done in order to call for tenders for the 220 KV line Kamanyola - Kibuye, the post 220 KV Kamanyola, the coordination center and Dispatching Kamanyola and detailed investigations of structures of hydroelectric developments of Ruzizi I and Ruzizi II. EGL has received all final reports in February 2014 of the above studies.
Construction of the station will be completed before the commissioning of the hydroelectric plant Ruzizi III. KfW will finance the fieldwork for this position.

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Contruction of the hydroelectric power plant Ruzizi III

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The organization of CEPGL for Energy of the Great Lakes is currently developing the Ruzizi III hydropower project with a capacity of 147 MW. The project is mounted public-private partnership and is among the highest priority projects of the Great Lakes Countries in accordance with their energy development plans.

The states and the EGL detailed Term Sheets (key terms and elements) for project agreements with the Investor / Developer selected (IPS & SITHE GLOBAL) which negotiations have just passed two years since 2012. The project is supported by donors (KFW, WB, EIB, AfDB, AFD, EU) who are willing to provide soft loans to States in order to make it more viable through an acceptable output prices (between 11 -13 cents USD / KWH). The financial closing is planned late in 2016, and the works will take four years (2017-2021) and the construction cost is estimated at 318 million Euros.


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  • Design ,studies, and construction of the Ruzizi II hydroelectric plant with a current capacity of 43.8 MW;
  • Interconnection of electricity grids Burundi, Rwanda and  DRC;
  • Electrification of border crossings;
  • Electrification of radio telecommunications relay;
  • Establishing the basis of Community Energy Data;
  • Promoting the development of methane gas from Lake Kivu .;

Our contacts

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Boulevard de l’Uprona, no 45


B.P 1912 Bujumbura-Burundi


+257 22225504-22223979-22225731

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+257 22224157


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EGL bodies

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 EGL's bodies takingcialis.com are:

  • The General Assembly;
  • The Institutional Meeting of Experts;
  • The board of Account auditors
  • The Managing Committee.

1. General Assembly

The General Assembly of the EGL is composed of three Ministers in charge of energy sector in the three member states of CEPGL (BURUNDI, RWANDA, and RD C). The General Assembly meets in regular and extraordinary sessions. This is done in accordance with its rules of procedure, which determines the modalities of operation.

2. Institutional Meeting of Experts

This body is composed of experts and representatives of EGL from three member states of CEPGL selected from the staff of the National Electricity Companies and the Central Administration of the Ministries in charge of energy sector. Each member state is represented by three representatives.

3. Board of Statutory Auditors

Three in number and of different nationalities, the auditors are appointed by the General Meeting for a renewable term of two years. They check the books, controlling the regularity and sincerity of the Organization's accounts and report to the General Assembly.

4. Managing Committee

The daily management of the organization is assumed by a Managing Committee composed by Director General (DRC), the Director of Energy (Rwanda) and the CFO (Burundi).

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