Contruction of the hydroelectric power plant Ruzizi III

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The organization of CEPGL for Energy of the Great Lakes is currently developing the Ruzizi III hydropower project with a capacity of 147 MW. The project is mounted public-private partnership and is among the highest priority projects of the Great Lakes Countries in accordance with their energy development plans.

The states and the EGL detailed Term Sheets (key terms and elements) for project agreements with the Investor / Developer selected (IPS & SITHE GLOBAL) which negotiations have just passed two years since 2012. The project is supported by donors (KFW, WB, EIB, AfDB, AFD, EU) who are willing to provide soft loans to States in order to make it more viable through an acceptable output prices (between 11 -13 cents USD / KWH). The financial closing is planned late in 2016, and the works will take four years (2017-2021) and the construction cost is estimated at 318 million Euros.

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