22O-KV line Kamanyola Buhandahanda (68km)

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The 220 kV line  for section Kamanyola-Buhandahanda was part of the technical studies  which were completed at the stage of the Preliminary detailed design by the SOFRECO-RSW-MERCADOS Consortium in September 2011 as part of the Technical and Organizational Studies on cooperation energy in the Great Lakes Region with funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

The 220 kV line Kamanyola Buhandahanda-line section is a project that was http://isviagraotc.com/ included in the interconnection project of South Kivu lines that was originally intended to ensure the transport of the energy produced by the hydroelectric plant Bendera (of an existing power of 17 MW which will be increased to 43 MW) after its rehabilitation / modernization. The technical design of this line was based on a single dull line 220 kV.
The 220 kV-Kamanyola Buhanahanda is an important framework not only for the discharge of the energy produced by the Ruzizi III power plant and towards Goma to Bukavu but also to guarantee the security of supply of Rwanda, DRC and Burundi for breach of a skin line of power grid interconnections CEPGL.

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