Solar power plant project

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As part of the diversification of the Energy Mix, EGL plans to develop a solar power plant in the Great Lakes region.

Since December 2019, EGL has been in talks with the Italian company GEA SOLAR, specialized in the development of solar power plants, with a view to implementing a construction project, near the Kamanyola substation, of a power plant solar power of up to 300 MWp in favor of the three CEPGL countries.

It is planned to set up this project under the economic model Build, Operate and Transfer. The energy produced will be distributed to the three CEPGL countries through the Kamanyola substation.

On January 29, 2020, the two parties signed a Framework Agreement with a view to carrying out technical studies and environmental and social studies in accordance with the regulations in force on the subject.

In the implementation of this project, GEA SOLAR company undertakes, among other things, to:

  • mobilize the funding and technical resources necessary to carry out all the studies of the project and the execution of the works;
  • submit the studies carried out to the validation of the Steering Committee under the supervision of the EGL;
  • sign a memorandum of understanding on the purchase of electricity with the National Electricity Companies in the CEPGL countries;
  • collaborate, where appropriate, with public operators in CEPGL member states with a view to carrying out the project;
  • choose the best option for project development in accordance with best practices aligned with international standards recognized in the CEPGL;

The EGL commits to:

  • ask the CEPGL member states to grant Gea Solar all the authorizations and administrative facilities necessary for the implementation of the collaboration agreement;
  • supervise the validation, by the Steering Committee, of the studies carried out within the framework of the project;
  • support GEA SOLAR in acquiring the data and reports necessary to carry out the technical and economic studies required for the project;
  • support the partner in all negotiations for the proper implementation of the project.

The expected benefits of this project are, among others, a,

  • reduction of thermal-based electricity production;
  • reduction of energy costs;
  • significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions;
  • promotion of industrial development;
  • creation of direct and indirect jobs;
  • transfer of knowledge and development of local know-how.

For now, EGL expects from GEA SOLAR a roadmap and a timetable determining the actions to be carried out for the realization of the project as well as a related budget.


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